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Chemical Processing Macroporous Type Aromatic Adsorbent Resin
HK$40.45 - HK$42.40
100.0 Liters
SOCO Polymer Hydrogel Absorbent Polymer For Agriculture
HK$22.17 - HK$27.23
500.0 Kilograms
Good quality Phenolic Resin 2402 for shoe adhesive
HK$20.85 - HK$24.89
1000 Kilograms
45% Polymer polyol and polymeric polyol for foam mattress
HK$13,222.60 - HK$14,778.20
16.8 Tons
silane modified resins Cas No. 216597-12-5 raw material of MS Polymer sealants
HK$31.12 - HK$38.89
2000.0 Kilograms
High-class Gloves raw material liquid nitrile Carboxyl NBR Latex
HK$21.78 - HK$27.23
1000.0 Kilograms
Cosmetic grade thickener CAS 9003-27-4 polyisobutylene
HK$15.56 - HK$77.78
1.0 Kilograms
Natural ww grade gum rosin
HK$7.78 - HK$15.56
1.0 Kilograms